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Discover why more than 2,600 institutions use Gradescope and over 140,000 instructors will never go back to grading the "old way".

"Gradescope has revolutionized how instructors grade homework and exams. I don't use that word a lot, but once you've used this tool, there's no going back."

Armando Fox

UC Berkeley

"I think that Gradescope has been a joy to use and it has saved the marking team several days of work."

Henry Gardner

Australian National University

"Gradescope has transformed my life. I cannot recommend it enough. It makes the entire process of grading and reviewing much easier."

Ileana Bladé

University of Barcelona

Your assessments, your way

Gradescope gives instructors the freedom to design formative and summative assessments without constraints around logistics and grading capacity.

  • No paper shuffle for handwritten assessments
  • Create and grade any type of assignment or assessment on one platform
  • Consistent feedback at scale for every student

"Gradescope allows me to mix different types of questions including short answers, some multiple choice, and also have problems where students have...a longer answer. You can assess many students in different ways fairly quickly and having that sort of mixture of problems has really improved the learning in the classroom."

Peter Blomgren

San Diego State University

Grade fast, grade fair

Grading is time-consuming and tedious, whether you're grading alone or coordinating a multi-section course with 20+ graders. Gradescope provides smarter workflows for all courses.

  • Horizontal grading
  • Anonymous grading
  • Asynchronous team grading without logistics
  • Dynamic rubrics with retroactive updates
  • Answer grouping
  • Systematic regrade requests

"I have been using Gradescope for years now and I would never go back... The entire process of grading has become disaster-proof: physical papers are dealt with only once so they cannot be lost or damaged, the graders can be followed and helped with a lot of flexibility, and we can even decide to change our grading scheme after we are done."

Matteo Paganin

Sabanci University

Better insights, better outcomes

Data is only as valuable as the insights it can provide. Gradescope gives you the insights you need to support student learning, understand trends, and improve your teaching.

  • Digital record of all graded work
  • Question-level and rubric-level analytics
  • Tags for learning objectives
  • Exportable CSVs

"I was able to use the data I got from Gradescope to give my students specific feedback on performance. Several low performing students on Exam 1 made substantial improvements on Exam 2."

Jen Moon

University of Texas at Austin

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